Back to the oil well

I’m back into USO after selling my shares and buying  back my 24-September S33 calls last Friday for a net credit of $32.97 per share.   Bought USO this morning at 33.01, sold-to-open S33 calls at $0.44.  Breakeven is 32.57, maximum profit is $0.43 per share.    Best case this is a 1.3% return for a 5 day investment.

VXX prospectus

You can find Barclays’ VXX prospectus here.  The prospectus covers both the short term VXX, and the medium term VXZ. This post discusses going long on VXX. This post discusses some choices if you think VXX is going to go down. For an estimated date for VXX’s next reverse split see this post. For an overview of how VXX works, see “How Does VXX Work?” …

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Are we at the bottom yet?

After several sell-off days with low volume, the buyers seem to be coming back.  I bought SPY at 105.22, sold 27-Aug 106 calls at 0.58. Breakeven is 104.64. Maximum profit is $1.36 per share. Livevol shows the 27-Aug 106 IV’s at 28 and the 18-Sept monthly IV for the 106 calls at 24.  Right now, Livevol’s IV numbers are the only ones I believe for …

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