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Can a Short Squeeze Collapse an ETF?

Some people have been hyperventilating about the high short interest many ETFs are showing.   XRT for example recently had 95 million shares in short interest with only 17 million shares in shares outstanding.    If you want a detailed response to these fearmongers I found this article to be very helpful. If all of the people that were short XRT decided that they wanted …

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Comparing ETF index funds to mutual funds

Advantages of ETF index funds over mutual funds index funds: Management  fees are usually lower.  For example for inflation protected bonds the Schwab mutual fund SWRSX has a .5% expense ratio and the iShares Barclay equivalent TIP has an expense ratio of .2%. Instead of trades executing at the end of the day they can be bought or sold at any time the market is …

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How ETFs work

This article in does a very nice job of explaining how ETFs manage to track their net asset value (NAV). It is a two-tiered market.  Ordinary investors buy and sell on the exchanges.  If the value of an ETF (for example SPY), wanders too far off from the price of the underlying stocks (the S&P 500 in this case) then the 2nd tier of …

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Six Figure Investing—an Overview

The live action is over on the blog tab, but you might be interested in some of the most popular posts I’ve written over the last four years. Trading in an IRA and Avoiding “Free Riding”  Taming Inverse Volatility WIth a Simple Ratio Top 15 Questions about Trading in an IRA Top 10 Questions about Dividends Ex-Dividend and Pay Dates for Lots of ETFs Dividend Capture Strategies …

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