2020 Option Expiration Calendars

The CBOE and the Options Clearing Corporation both publish nice options expiration calendars. Calendars from both sources show the VIX expiration date, which is when monthly VIX options and futures expire.   The last trading for these securities is the previous trading day or in some cases pre-market trading the day of expiration. 2020 The Options Clearing Corporation  2020 Expiration Calendar (does not include VIX weekly …

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VIX quotes, VIX option quotes

You can get delayed VIX quotes on Yahoo with the symbol ^VIX You can also get VIX option quotes here.  Go to here for the correct expiration dates (always last trading on a Tuesday, expiration on a Wednesday morning) You can get free delayed quotes for VIX options on LIVEVOL that also provides correctly computed greeks for these options–something none of the big brokers gets right. …

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Equity Option Expiration Dates Jan, Feb, Mar 2010

The next three expiration dates for Equity options are: January 16th, 2010  (week before VIX option expiration) February 20th, 2010 March 20th, 2010 The last day of trading is the day before (Friday) the dates above. Source: 2010 OCC Calendar

Next 2020 SPY, VOO, IVV Ex-Dividend Dates and Estimated Dividends

SPY will go ex-dividend Friday, December 18th, 2020 with a dividend I’m estimating, based on historical results, to be $1.41 per share.  The economic consequences of COVID-19 had a significant impact on the September dividend and that reduction in dividend payout continues. SPY’s next distribution payout will be on January 29th, 2021—yes the SPDR folks take their time delivering the dividend.  iShares’ IVV, one of the …

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Covered Calls — improving the odds of a modest profit

Mainstream investors buy assets they think will go up.  If the asset price stays the same or goes down the investor gets no profit or a loss.   Covered calls are a way for investors to show a modest profit if:
  1. The asset goes up in price
  2. The asset price stays the same
  3. The asset price drops a relatively small amount

One of the catches (and there are always at least one), is that the investor gives up some upside.  

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