DIA dividend history

Updated: Feb 17th, 2012 | Vance Harwood


Ex-dividend and pay / distribution information for DIA is here.

DIA Dividend History

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Dividend History

Updated: Feb 26th, 2017 | Vance Harwood


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DIA dividend history

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If you need dividend history on a non iShare / SPDR fund or stock then I recommend the DividendInvestor site.



2017 Ex-dividend and Pay date information for: DIA

Updated: Feb 26th, 2017 | Vance Harwood

The 2017 Ex-Dividend and Pay Date  information below is based on SPDR’s distribution schedule

DIA SPDR  Dow Diamond

2017 Ex-Dividend Dates
20-Jan 17-Feb 17-Mar 21-Apr 19-May 16-June 21-July
18-Aug 15-Sept 20-Oct 17-Nov 15-Dec  27-Dec (possible cap gains)
Pay / Distribution Dates
13-Feb 13-Mar 17-Apr 15-May 12-June 17-July 14-Aug
11-Sept 16-Oct 13-Nov 11-Dec 16-Jan-18 16-Jan-18 (possible cap gains distribution)


DIA dividend history

DIA Dividend History

Dividend capture approaches

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DIA Dividend Capture–close out

Updated: Feb 21st, 2010 | Vance Harwood

My DIA dividend capture position was assigned last night as expected, for a net profit of $0.27 per share.  Since my DIA position was called before the dividend was distributed I won’t actually get the dividend (which I am estimating to be $0.25), but my net profit is slightly more with considerably less risk than just buying DIA and holding to ex-dividend.   The image below includes today’s open interest on the DIA options as the far right column.  The Feb 99 calls went from an open interest of around 2400 to 38 overnight, so about 98.5% of the open calls were assigned.  The options up through the 102 strike were mostly cleared out.

DIA call option chain 19-Feb-2010, Open Interest on right, click to enlarge

DIA call option chain 19-Feb-2010, Open Interest on right, click to enlarge

Feb 2010 DIA dividend capture

Updated: Nov 19th, 2011 | Vance Harwood

Bought DIA at 101.17, sold-to-open Feb 99 calls at 2.44 — both with market orders, for a net debit of 98.73.    Pretty frustrating morning– tried to do buy-writes first thing today with a net debit amount, but I  never got a fill, even though I was splitting the ask/bid price or slightly more generous on the options (97 calls at that point).  I don’t know if this is due to the upcoming DIA dividend, the general behavior of the DIA option market makers, Fidelity’s software/order flow, or what.

For this strategy, getting better than the listed ask/bid price is pretty important– $0.05 or $0.10 is a pretty big percentage of the available profit for the deep ITM calls.  I looked at doing a call vertical spread,splitting the bid/ask spread,  with the long side way OTM (e.g., 108)–to be followed by buying DIA at market.   The spread might execute better because it would be be an options only trade, and would only cost a cent or two, but by that time the market was rallying strongly–I didn’t want to be in an effective naked short call situation in a dynamic market while I created the long side of the DIA covered call position.