Monthly ETF Dividend Amounts

Tickers covered:  AGG, BIL, SCJ, HYG, IEF, INY, JNK, LAG, LQD, MUB, PFF, TIP, TLT For dividend history data and charts from 2005 on click here. You can use the search window within the post (upper right) to search for a specific ticker, or increase the number of entries to show in the upper right box to 25 in order to see all the symbols. …

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Next 2020 SPY, VOO, IVV Ex-Dividend Dates and Estimated Dividends

SPY will go ex-dividend Friday, March 15th, 2019 with a dividend I’m estimating to be $1.15 /share (based on historical patterns.)  SPY’s distribution payout will be on April 30th, 2019—yes the SPDR folks take their time delivering the dividend.  I’m estimating Vanguard’s VOO, one of the other two big S&P 500 ETFs, will go ex-dividend on the 13th of March with a dividend of $1.09/ share.  iShares’ IVV, will go ex-dividend on the 20th of March with a dividend of $1.08/ share.