Next 2017 SPY, VOO, IVV Ex-Dividend Dates and Estimated Dividends

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SPY went ex-dividend Friday, Dividend 15th, 2017 with a dividend of $1.35133 per share. Its distribution payout will be on January 31st,2018.  VOO, one of the other two big S&P 500 ETFs, went go ex-dividend on the 26th of December with a dividend of $1.1839/ share and that IVV, which went ex-dividend on the 19th of December, will have a dividend of $1.2727/ share. VOO and IVV are much faster to distribute the dividends—both pay out within a week of their ex-dividend dates. IVV and VOO reinvest dividends into their constituent stocks until the payout date arrives. SPY is restricted by its Unit Investment Trust legal structure to hold dividends in cash until they are paid out.

SPY is the largest ETF in the world, currently with $272 billion in assets under management—over a billion shares!  The next two largest ETFs that track the S&P 500 are iShare’s IVV and Vanguard’s VOO—currently with $142 billion and $82 billion in assets respectively. The table below summarizes dividend information for SPY, IVV, and VOO. Vanguard only publishes ex-dividend dates a few days prior to the event itself, so future dates for VOO are just estimates.

Ticker Next Ex-dividend Next Pay date Sept Dividend est imated Dec. Dividend
SPY 15-Dec-2017 31–Jan-2018  $1.23457  $1.35133
IVV 19-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017  $1.28392  $1.27268
VOO 26-Dec-2017 29-Dcc-2017 (est)  $1.176  $1.1839

You only have to buy a stock or ETF the day prior to its ex-dividend date to be eligible for the dividend.  You can sell on the ex-dividend date if you want and still collect the dividend when the distribution/pay date arrives.  Be aware that in a flat market the stock or ETF at opening on its ex-dividend date will typically drop in value by the dividend amount.  See Top 10 questions on Dividends if you have more questions.

SPY, IVV, VOO 2017 Ex-Dividend Dates
Ticker Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
SPY 17-Mar-17 16-Jun-17 15-Sep-17 15-Dec-17 27-Dec-17 (potential cap gains)
IVV 24-Mar-17 27-Jun-17 26-Sep-17 20-Dec-17 29-Dec-17  (potential cap gains)
VOO 24-Mar-17 23-Jun-17 20-Sep-17 26-Dec-17
Pay / Distribution Dates
SPY 28-Apr-17 27-Jul-17 31-Oct-17 31-Jan-18 31-Jan-18 (potential cap gains)
IVV 30-Mar-17 30-Jun-17 29-Sep-17 26-Dec-17 4-Jan-18 (potential cap gains)
VOO 28-Mar-17 29-Jun-17 25-Sep-17 29-Dec-17

For more information about ex-dividend and distribution dates for SPDR, iShares, Schwab, and Vanguard ETFs see this post. See the chart below for SPY’s dividend history since 2010. Click on the graph to enlarge.



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