Historical Backtest on VQT

Updated: Oct 15th, 2018 | Vance Harwood | @6_Figure_Invest

I have backtested Barclays’ VQT ETN back to when VIX volatility futures first started to trade in March 2004.  I have made two versions of the spreadsheet available for purchase below.  One with results data only and the other version with formulas and required indexes included.  I have included the simulated daily closing values with the 0.95% annual fee from March 29, 2004 until June 3oth, 2014.   I have included the reported IV values from Barclays through January 2017. The results of the simulated values compared to actual values are shown in the chart below.  My results match samples from the published SPVQDTR underlying index within 0.35%.

Simulated VQT vs Actuals

VQT looks like a very good way to have exposure to the general market and profit from major market panics.   For details on VQT see:

For more information on the spreadsheets I have for sale see this readme.

If you purchase the spreadsheet you will be eventually be directed to paypal where you can pay via your paypal account or a credit card. When you successfully complete the paypal portion you will be shown a Return to Six Figure Investing link.    Click on this link to reach the page where can download the spreadsheet.  Please email me at [email protected] if you have problems, questions, or requests.


VQT Backtest-1
VQT Backtest Since Mar-2004
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