Computing Volatility Indexes With VIX Futures

Updated: Mar 21st, 2018 | Vance Harwood | @6_Figure_Invest

Using the CBOE’s VIX futures historic data and interpolations/extrapolations for contracts that were not traded I developed a continuous time series for 7 months of VIX futures settlement values.   I then used that data, plus treasury bill data to compute the indexes that underly the popular long and short volatility ETPs in the USA.

This spreadsheet includes the formulas to properly format the VIX futures data and to generate the total returns (TR) and excess returns (ER) volatility indexes such as SPVXSTR, SPVXSP, and SPVXMP.   The spreadsheet also includes the required futures and treasury data up through March 6, 2018.  The spreadsheet is setup such that the user can bring the spreadsheet up to the present date in a straightforward and well-documented process.   If you purchase this product I will also send you a spreadsheet via email that takes the various volatility indexes and computes many of the popular volatility exchange traded fund products (e.g., VXX, 1.5X UVXY, TVIX, XIV, -0.5X SVXY,ZIV, 2X UVXY, -1X SVXY) starting in March 2004.

If you purchase the spreadsheet you will be eventually be directed to paypal where you can pay via your paypal account or a credit card. When you successfully complete the paypal portion you will be shown a ”Return to Six Figure Investing” link.    Click on this link to reach the page where can download the spreadsheet.  Please email me at [email protected] if you have problems, questions, or requests.

VIX Future and volatility index computation
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