Next Estimated TVIX Reverse Split, Number 7—January 15th, 2020


Credit Suisse’s sixth reverse split of TVIX was June 8th, 2018 with a 10:1 reverse split.   Based on the current decay rates (around 90% per year!)  I’m estimating  TVIX reverse split, number seven, will be on January 15th, 2020.  In September 2018 I predicted a TVIX reverse split in June of 2019 but the volatility at the end of 2018 significantly drove TVIX’s price up and pushed out the likely reverse split date.

Reverse splits reduce transaction costs by making the bid /ask spread as a percentage of the price smaller (when TVIX is trading around $5 the one cent minimum spread TVIX’s bid / ask spread is effectively a 0.25% transaction charge).  It will also likely make TVIX easier to short—a popular activity with any long volatility fund.  For information about shorting long volatility funds see “Is Shorting TVIX the Perfect Trade.”

Lacking major volatility spikes the 2X leveraged short term volatility ETPs like VelocityShares’ TVIX need to reverse split at least every year to keep their products in a reasonable trading range.  Without market panics, 2X long funds tend to be ravaged by contango at the rate of around 90% per year.  In the past Credit Suisse has allowed TVIX to drop below $1 before implementing reverse splits, but recently that threshold has been raised to around $4/share.

After a period of reduced erosion in 2014 and 2015 TVIX’s decay rate has returned to the 90%+ per year range.   The post “Monthy & Yearly Decay Rates for Long Volatility Funds” shows how decay rates have shifted over time. 

Event Dates Split Ratio Inception / close price right before reverse split (split adjusted)  Months since inception /last split
Inception 29-Nov-2010 100 ($250,000,000)
1st Rev. Split 21-Dec-2012 10:1 0.9 24
2nd Rev. Split 30-Aug-2013 10:1 1.68 9
3rd Rev. Split 23-June-2015 10:1  0.75 22
 4th Rev. Split 9-August-2016 25:1  0.92  14
 5th Rev. Split 16-March-2017 10:1  3.84  8
 6th Rev. Split 8-June 2018 10:1 4.32 17
 7th Rev. Split 15-Jan-2020 (est) 10:1 ~5 18

If you hold shares of TVIX before a reverse split there isn’t anything to worry about.  The value of your investment stays the same through the reverse split process.  You just have 10X fewer shares that are worth 10X more each.   If your shareholdings are not a multiple of 10, say 43 shares, you will get 4 reverse adjusted shares and a cash payout for the 3 remaining pre-split shares.

If you are short TVIX, same story, no material impact.

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